New Bingo Sites

New Bingo Sites

Nortonscouts – Lee joined Bingo essentials in August 2008, Inditexpress became Bingo+, Bingo 19, Blackwood Bingo and St Minver followed in November 2008. Bingo essentials is a brand name synonymous with the UK Bingo market and Lee’s Managing Director told a UK news paper, “We hope to be here for a while, we are absolutely committed to this market.”

Inditexpress is a British company that plans to promote the online Bingo industry as a whole, offering solutions to small and medium businesses across Europe. Its website provides information, platform and development services that will allow bingo websites to rapidly expand.

“The United States of America has been quite close to us in terms of things like bingo being popular around the world,” said Lee. “Hopefully, with the smoking ban, people are just going to play bingo in their homes.”

In September 2008, St Minver took over the management of St Minver Online Bingo, the owner of has just recently taken over the management of Bingo Outlet which was previously owned by St Minver.

“We’ve seen an opportunity where we can take this market and really work on it,” said Andrew retention working group corporate strategy director Penny Edge. Penny Edge added that the area of gaming and online bingo was “highly saturated in terms of market”.

“We’ve seen this type of market increase twice in the last three years – we’ve seen steady growth in a lot of different areas,” she said.

Interest in online bingo has been growing among traditional bingo players, casual gamers and hotel guests. This is part of a wider trend of people looking to have a break from the conventional high street or bookmakers, and perhaps places like Tombola, which catering to the young and old, offer a mass of different entertainment options.

Pokerlegenda gaming, owners of such hotels as Mecca and Foxy, said they were happy to continue to offer bingo in their hotels, but it was up to individual players whether or not they wanted to play the game.

“I suppose it’s down to personal preference,” replies Ryan Gibbs from the HotelquickShip desk. “There’s quite a lot of bingo out there. You’ve got to like what you like.” However, the hotel has a players club card, and on this card members are given various benefits such as a 10% match on their deposits. is happy to continue to offer bingo in its hotel rooms.

“You’re always waiting for something new to try out and one of the latest things to try is online bingo,” said Katrina applied from the USA. Katrina is a stay at West End bingo, a five star hotel and previously worked for the award winning company Totalquest.

“You can’t get on to Hilton Bingo or go on to Eurobingo without online bingo, which is a great way to catch up on the latest.

“You’ve got to remember that you can also win big money on the internet – the Hilton has been known to pay out £1 million on a single hand of bingo.

“There’s also the pick three and four and if you get a lucky number – so it’s definitely worth a look.”